Common lens types

  • Single vision lenses: have only one power in the lens
  • Bifocal lenses: have a top segment usually for distance and a bottom segment for close tasks
  • Progressive lenses: have a gradual change between the distance and near correction

Lens coatings

At In Focus Eyecare, all our plastic lenses have a scratch resistant coating. We offer other additional coatings and tints including

  • Antireflective coating: reduces reflections from the lens surface
  • UV coating: providing sun protection
  • Tinting: providing sun and glare protection or for fashion purposes

Photochromatic lenses

Photochromatic lenses (also known as transition lenses) automatically adjust for the amount of ultra violet rays present. The more ultra violet rays there is, the more darker the lenses become. They are available in glass or plastic and in single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses.


Apart from the power of the lenses, there are many options to consider when choosing spectacles. At In Focus Eyecare, our qualified staff can assist you to choose a frame which suits your prescription, lifestyle and face shape. We stock a wide variety of fashion and designer brands for ladies, men and kids including:

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We supply Zeiss quality lenses from Germany