I graduated in 2012 with first class honours in the Bachelor of Optometry and Vision science, from the University of New South Wales. I have worked across metro and rural NSW in corporate practice.

I have been a Deakin University Clinical placement supervisor, a UNSW Visiting Supervisor, and I am a current executive member of the Young Optometrists association, which supports new graduate optometrists in their first 10 years of practice. I am a strong advocate for striving for the best future for our profession, so we can deliver outstanding eye care for everyone.

I grew up to be highly short-sighted, and am passionate about myopia control treatments to prevent children facing the same fate. Orthokeratology is an excellent treatment that not only corrects vision while you sleep, giving you clarity free of glasses or contact lenses during the day, but more importantly, it can also help slow down short-sightedness in children